This Just In, Love Story: A Twist Of Fate..

Even when the path looks clear, sometimes it’s the wrong turns that lead you to the best destinations.

When Last we left off J.J. Watt had found Kealia Ohai, the sister of fellow Texan Brian Cushing’s wife Megan. After keeping their relationship a secret for months they chose to take it public being spotted out and about in Houston and J.J. even showing up to support her at a Houston Dash home game.

JJ Watt & Kealia Ohai= Ohatt
JJ Watt & Kealia Ohai=

Things looked to be going great for the two and even made for a great love story,

The Sisters and The Texans

but this is where our love story takes a twist…

J.J. is what we would call perfect in every way. He’s handsome, rich, famous, an amazing football player, an all around great guy…yes we could go on; but is he too perfect? Like the Prince riding in on his white horse to save the day, but what if the day wasn’t in need of saving? What if the princess wasn’t looking for a prince? Sometimes the the the real prince is just a regular guy.

After dating J.J. for a while, Kealia realized that even though they may have been perfect on paper, in a story, it just wasn’t meant to be

HOUSTON, TX, 29 March 2015, NWSL Preseason: Houston Dash vs University of Texas

and as the fates would have it the real prince of her heart could already be there just waiting for his chance at love.

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Michael J. Cox. He was just a regular guy who was around in the background but not in a creepy stalker way, more in the best friend who you can always count on when the going gets rough and tough.

Brian and Megan with Micheal
Brian and Megan with Micheal

Brian and Megan often came to Kealia’s games and one game,  when fans realized that the Brian Cushing was there, they swarmed him pushing Megan off to the side. Michael realized what was going on and being the great friend he’s always been, stepped in and protected what we later found out was a 4 months pregnant Megan. Every few seconds Brian would sneak a peek over to Megan and Michael, making sure that she was still safe. After about an hour of being mobbed by fans, and worrying for Megan’s safety, Michael realized it was getting to be to much for Brian to handle but being to kind to tell fans to go away or even just walk away he continued to take photos and give autographs. So Michael grabbed one of his security buddies and was able to rescued Brian from the mob of fans.

Michael and Megan laughing with security after being saved from the on rush of fans while Brian gets Megan some food, pregers got hungry!
Michael and Megan laughing with security after being saved from the on rush of fans while Brian gets Megan some food, pregers gets hungry!

Kealia and Megan have always been close,

Haley, Kealia, Megan, and Melissa
Haley, Kealia, Megan, and Melissa Dash preseason.


and even though a regular guy may not have been the obvious choice sometimes fate surprises you. As time went on the three became closer and after Kealia had become tired of the “perfect man” J.J. Watt, she began to see that someone can go from friends to much more when you’re not even looking. The way Michael stood up for Brian and stood by Megan, not just anyone does that. She found that the guy she really wanted was there all along,





just a regular guy not the prince on a white horse but her twist of fate.


Disclaimer: This story is in no way accurate, factual or ever in any way connected to Brian Cushing, Megan Cushing, Kealia Ohia or J.J. Watt. It is purely fictional and the brain hallucination of my satirical mind and has no base in reality.