This Just In: NWSL partners with new live feed provider..Expedia

After so many issues have arisen with the newest format of live streaming feed, Go90 , NWSL has agreed to partner with a more accurate service to view your favorite NWSL team, Expedia. They are still working on the campaign and finalizing the slogans.

Options being thrown around are:

“Can’t watch it on Go90, Go & watch with Expedia.”


“Expedia, when your live feed won’t play and you want to throw your computer against a wall cursing the Go90 feed for not realizing that the game started an hour and a half ago!”

or my personal favorite,

“When you can’t Go90, tell them Go F-off and book it on Expedia”

Either way, they have a crack team working it out now, they assure us, and we know they’d never say something that wasn’t true just to get us to back off and leave them alone…

When asked, the NWSL rep stated, “We welcome any ideas you may have because we understand you the fans and viewers think Go90 is a pile of shitstorm because we have received a lot of mail, messages and emails stating so. We wanted to make a change earlier but they had us bent over, ramming the stream up our proverbial asstricts and lets be real, we’re literally too stupid to realize there are better ways of handling the issues and we don’t give enough of a crap about the fans. So with our new partnership with Expedia we don’t have to do a fuckin thing to make it work.”- from Representative Moronia Dumbfuct NWSL spokes person and media contact

Either way, it’s no longer going to be an issue. No more not being able to see the live stream because the guy who’s supposed to flip the switch in the booth to run the stream is too busy picking his butt to realize the game is on, or when the stream is actually running having it freeze every 30 seconds and my least favorite, where it runs for ten minutes then nothing for ten minutes then runs for ten minutes then nothing, etc… We are no longer plagued with a lack of watch-ability because of lack of give a damn or in this reporter’s opinion something more sinister at play.

What is this devious play you ask? Well I think the people who are in charge of showing the games are trying to boost their YouTube subscribers and numbers and the only way to do it successfully is to make people come back after they post the no longer live streams and watch it from their page. As any YouTube savvy peeps know, the more watchers, subscribers etc you have the better your chances of being on the main page and the more money you get for your content. So don’t fall for it guys & gals!!

Use the new way to watch your NWSL teams live, at the location, stadium or club house that they’re currently playing and mail your bill with your Expedia booking confirmation to the big wigs at NWSL! They need to get the message that we love our teams and deserve a better way to watch them that doesn’t boost their ratings or line their pockets!

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Disclaimer: This article is not an endorsement for Expedia or any other corporation or entity. The partnership mentioned is not real and no offers have been made to NWSL or Houston Sports Images by Expedia.
The content in this story is not true and is meant solely as entertainment.
No comments were made by NWSL to Houston Sports Images or anyone else concerning this matter, and this is in no way meant to be taken as factual.
Do not send your travel bills to NWSL expecting reimbursement, they will not pay them and have made no statement or promise to the contrary.

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Support your favorite team in spite of the jack-holes who are in charge of streaming! We can make a difference together!

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