This Just In: Dynamo, desperate for players, open pitch to all

During the last home game of the season,  the Houston Dynamo in a desperate move to make the playoffs, opened the pitch to anyone who wanted to play in a final last ‘pitch’ effort to beat the Sounders.

6-40-10 PM-D700A

6-33-18 PM-D700A_1

We had some good candidates!

This guy, Mike, has the speed and the energy but Head Coach, Owen Coyle, didn’t seem all that impressed by what he saw lol

6-35-55 PM-D700


6-35-56 PM-D700A

Owen was more than happy to take a selfie.

Our next candidate, Julie,  had the look and the love and she’s been a loyal supporter!

6-38-06 PM-D3

Our money is on our final pick. She has the speed and the drive and her skills in goal are undeniable! Watch out for this one, the Sky’s the limit for Skyler!

6-37-18 PM-D700

6-34-20 PM-D700

6-34-08 PM-D3A

All in all,

6-33-18 PM-D700A_1

a GREAT group!!


When President Chris Canetti was asked for comment he said, “Anyone is welcome, as long as they are season ticket holders.”

3-48-51 PM-D700

Whatever happens we want to thank all the amazing people on the field and behind the scenes! Thanks for all your hard work, great efforts, a great season and ten amazing years! Here’s to Ten more! Forever Orange, Forever One!

Photos by Tommy Boatman & Kris Gager

from Tommy Boatman Photography

Disclaimer: This story is in no way accurate, factual or ever in any way connected to any one mention, alive or dead/real or created. It is purely fictional and the brain hallucination of my satirical mind and has no base in reality.