This Just In, the lighter side of sports

I have heard several stories, read loads of articles, seen copious scenarios dealing with the issues and woes of players, referees, and specific sports in general in my hours of being a sports writer and I have come to realize that something is missing. The suck up, kissing the back side of, glorification of articles exist, too many in my opinion. The truthy, no holding back, speak your mind all up in your face narratives are few and far between but still not difficult to find if one were to look. There are even the articles that are non biased, fact-based  purely unfeigned nonpartisan pieces that tell the situation well enough. These are all well and good. Actually some are good and some are, well some are just abhorrent! The point is we are all missing something. There is something lacking. So I decided to fill this gap, this enormous hole that was plaguing our society with a lack of flippant sketchy incomplete accounts of falsehoods. So now, for your entertainment and enjoyment, I give you, “This Just In..”

Disclaimer: This story (and any article from “This Just In” ) is in no way accurate, factual or ever in any way connected to any one mention, alive or dead/real or created. It is purely fictional and the brain hallucination of my satirical mind and has no base in reality.